Deck Cleaning & Staining

Is your once brilliant deck now looking grey and weatherbeaten? Let our professional deck cleaning and staining service work its magic to bring your deck back to life.

Over time, exposure to harsh sun, rain, and foot traffic causes discoloration, splintering, cracking, and cupping of deck boards. This deterioration robs your deck of its natural beauty.

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We start by power washing away built-up dirt and grime to deeply clean the deck. Then we apply brighteners to bring the wood back from the brink. Having banished the grey away, we apply a stain to keep it gone. We'll work with you to perfectly match your taste to a semi-transparent or solid stain in your choice of colors.

After Deck Cleaning & Staining Image


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Ready to get started? Cleanliness is just a click away.

Give your property the makeover it deserves. Secure your no-obligation quote and rediscover the fresh, clean look you've been missing!